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Hello DA members!

Following up from my tweet, I give you more screenshots of Demo 0.1, this time of ACDC Area 1!

MMBN Corruption Screenshots Demo 0.1 by Zero6694

Now this update will not have a video but a got a bit to say.

For starters, we plan to FINALLY get the site back up and running soon with a new look too it and much needed updated information. Also, updates will not come every two weeks like during the summer; Seeing how life for our team is becoming more and more hectic, less and less stuff gets done because of that thus making it that much longer until we are able to release the first demo or more information about some characters, the virus, and what Demo 0.1 will be like so please show us some support and ask how you could help out.
Now down to business. Some of you have messaged me (both on DA and YT and other places) that the video I uploaded a few weeks ago isn’t listed anymore. It is because of what most people have pointed out to me; The video and its clips (even if the clip was outdated work from the start) was rushed and looked kind of bad, which I can agree with totally. Sadly that happened due to me rushing to keep that "Update-every-two-weeks"(which will not be happening anymore) promise I made which.... well, made the clip look really bad. I have put the video on "Unlisted" on my YT account because of that (and taking off my posts) however if you would like to see it, PM/Note me and I will send you a link or post it on this update at the bottom.

I think that is everything, so; I wish everyone a Happy Halloween, and a good day.


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-Site will be closed to updating the site-
miniol1024 Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
much cooler than CX...
Josnic872 Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2012
I like the new look for the net.
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